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The Adibody Experience


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Andrielle Giscombe

- Strategy, Copy, Design

Christian Santiago

- Copy

Justin Fullerton

- 3D Design


Your favorite soccer team has just shot the winning goal. The crowd is roaring. The air is filled with the smell of hot dogs and beer. Your voice is strained from all the chanting and cheering. What an experience!

Insight: Female athletes are expected to suffer in silence and push through mental struggles to maintain their athletic performance. If we want to level the playing field for future generations: body, mind, and spirit must be prioritized with the same intensity. 

Idea: "The Adibody Experience"

Creating equal footing for female athletes in every field. 

Promoting teenage girls & women to rebuild the foundation of their relationship with sports; One core pillar at a time.

Execution: A 3 part execution plan including a brand act, revisiting and expansion of a previous restoration project, and a soccer training camp rooted in affirmations.

If we want to level the playing field for future generations:



& spirit

must be prioritized with the same intensity.

So adidas will create the space for girls to rebuild

the foundation of their relationship with sports.

One core pillar at a time.

5 Boroughs

3 Core Pillars

1 Whole Athlete


Just as a variety of plants and animals are essential to maintaining the healthy balance and energy flow of an ecosystem,

the “adibody” is a vessel comprised of diverse components, all working together in harmony to function effectively.


  • Your mental fortitude should flow like water, able to give and take space.

  • Still through the storm. Calm in the chaos.

  • “adimind” teaches proper practices to navigate all states of mind.


  • The “adispirit” represents the breath of the community and the strength of a team.

  • It’s light and airy.
  • Easygoing. Free Flowing.

  • “adispirit” represents being a free spirited individual who is grounded in connection.



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These three pillars make up the adibody experience. With these we will create equal footing for female athletes in every field.

What better way to do this than while the world is watching. The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be the catalyst for the adibody experience.



In partnership with FIFA, the exhibition will revisit iconic World Cup moments, host curated events, and highlight the silent struggles female athletes have endured in sports thus far.

It will also feature a lounge area to watch highlights & full games, as well as some exclusive merch and more.



In 2016 adidas partnered with NYC Parks to create and maintain 50 mini-pitches across the City. This initiative only focused on young men of color, which is great but per usual the women were neglected.

The Adibody Revamp will take these pitches to the next level by partnering with the Community Parks Initiative to elevate them with astroturf, as well as the adidas S.E.E.D program, to paint artwork themed around the Women's World Cup and the "adibody" pillars.


training camp

An adidas training camp, rooted in affirmations, led by adidas women athletes and focusing on mental health & spiritual enrichment just as much as it does physical activity.

Utilizing the newly renovated pitches, the camp will provide guidance directly to the next generation of players and encourages them to share this new wisdom with their home teams.

Here we show a few of the partnerships for this campaign, along with examples of exhibition exclusive merch, and a planned Tiktok collab to " womansplain" futbol. Teaching young women the ins and outs of the game in a way that will actually make sense.