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*Dream Work*

When was the last time you unboxed a pair of kicks? What did the fabric feel like in your hands? How did the shoe feel on your foot? Did you get a whiff of that "new sneaker smell"?

It's a huge dream of mine to design my own sneaker one day. Wanting to manifest that dream come true, I created this capsule collection featuring my four favorite Jordan silhouettes and inspired by the 4 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

This collection is dedicated to WOMEN. The ones with a sneaker for every fit and every mood. The sneaker history buffs and the newbies. The women who continue to love sneakers even when we're not loved back. Women are the flyest people I know & we deserve fly sh*t!

Ocean Bliss

(Jordan 6s)

Inspired by Aquamarine and the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

The deeper blues & greens represent oceanic plant life. The lighter blue and white, remind us of the clean, clear waters of any tropical island vacation. The pop of golden yellow is a nod to the sun's balancing contribution to the perfect beach day.

Te Kā

(Jordan 1s)

Inspired by Fire Jasper & Sun Stone

Fire is typically seen through a lens of chaos and destruction. I wanted this shoe to show a calmer, more serene side to fire with a more muted color palette.

Clear Storm

(Jordan 5s)

Inspired by Barite.

This crystal can be used to cleanse the system and break up energy blockages.

Gloomy days & grey skies, can have us feeling drained and groggy. But in my experience those days always come right when my mind/body is screaming to take a much needed break so I can reset.


(Jordan 7s)

Inspired by Rainforest Jasper

Jasper in all it's forms, is very healing. From strengthening our immune system to calming our spirits.

This shoe embodies the beauties of Earth on it's best days. Highlighting it's lush greenery, stunning sunsets and clear skies.