Amanda Capers

'Creator' Profile

Imagine the smell of your favorite perfume/cologne.

Do you have a signature scent? Or do you like to switch it up?

What's the scent that turns heads no matter where you go?

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Pronouns: She/Her

NYC Native | Multidisciplinary | Loves to Learn

Eclectic, colorful, and inquisitive. I am a unique and endearing creative, drawing you in and leaving you wanting for more. I'd say, I'm a talent that can’t be ignored.


Top Notes the skills you meet upfront

Concept Creation, Design, Color Theory

Middle Notesthe heart of me

Authenticity, Culture, Spirit

Base Notes – my lasting impression

Visionary, Courageous, Bold, Always Wanting to Learn


(The sugar, spice, and everything nice, that I would bring to your team)

Passion, Decisiveness, Adaptability, Collaboration, Flexibility, Presence